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Mobile CCTV

Rapid Deployment Unit

CCTV Surveillance Vehicles are not available “off the shelf” they are usually designed and manufactured by our in house production team to meet a customer’s surveillance specification. A CCTV Surveillance vehicle is equipped with the latest Metro CCTV cameras and recording equipment, which produces high definition images.
The specification and range of equipment are client specific, which our highly skilled team will advise on.

Units are usually designed with a combination of power supplies that cater for silent, covert surveillance with up to 48 hour capacity or continuous surveillance utilising the vehicles power sources. Surveillance vehicles can be deployed to monitor incidents in static location or on the move, up to 70 mph. Particular attention is given to the safety and comfort of operators who are often exposed to potentially volatile surveillance situations.


Who would use a CCTV Surveillance Vehicle?

CCTV Surveillance vehicles are often purchased for specific tasks but are the most cost effective when utilised by Local Authorities and Enforcement Agencies to cover a range of surveillance issues including:
• Anti Social Behaviour
• Crime Prevention and Prosecution
• Traffic Enforcement
• Crowd Control
• Enforcement of On Street Parking Offences
• Environment Enforcement
• Sports Events and Concerts
• Personal Security