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CCTV Maintenance & Upgrades

At Metro CCTV we are very proud of our customer services and attention to detail, we ensure all our customers receive the highest standard of CCTV service possible, therefore regular maintenance checks are essential.

Our highly trained engineers will perform a detailed systematic check of your current CCTV system to identify any potential issues and rectify any existing ones.

Maintenance of your CCTV system will include
• Inspection of wiring
• Inspection of cabling, checking for signs of wear and / or damage
• Cleaning of camera lenses and housing
• Analysis of recording and playback
• Ensuring camera position has not deviated
• Repairing minor faults if needed


Huge developments are being made in CCTV cameras and systems day by day, so ensuring your home or business is protected by the best technology available is in your best interest.

Reasons for upgrade may include:
• Current supplier failing to deliver
• Picture quality
• Upgrade to digital cameras
• Increasing the number of cameras in your system
• Software upgrade and training

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