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CCTV Systems for Business and Commercial Properties


Metro CCTV has the ability to provide the very latest in surveillance technology for any business throughout the U.K. and Ireland.  Whatever the business, we can tailor make / design the ideal security solution that can be delivered and professionally installed at your convenience.

The advance of digital storage means that Metro CCTV systems require minimal human intervention and give you the option of viewing your premises from anywhere in the world via the internet using a secure log-in method.  Giving you and your employees the ultimate piece of mind.

Our Retail CCTV systems are perfect for any retailer who is trying to protect their stock and property from petty theft, staff pilferage and video evidence. We can customize the systems to suit your needs whether you want high profile cameras for prevention of stock loss or hidden till cameras to catch someone in the act.


Reassurance for honest staff
Deterrent for petty theft and burglary
Protection of stock and environment
Monitor staff movements
Provide high-quality images to assist in intelligence gathering & convictions
On-site guarentee
Secure off-site storage and retrieval service

Mission Statement:

Our products are of the highest quality and our reputation is built on expertise, experience, innovation and obsessive customer service.  Our primary task is to understand the needs of the customer and deliver the product or service at the agreed time, place and price on every occasion.  All members of Metro CCTV participate in improving processes, products and services.  We are determined to see that our customers are satisfied and treated to the highest value.