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Flo Gas - Metro CCTV's newest customer

Metro CCTV - Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Metro CCTV has recently been appointed the primary CCTV solution provider for Flo-Gas. 

Metro CCTV has recently upgraded several sites to date for Flo-Gas. Parent company DCC energy is one of the largest companies within the UK & Ireland - To which we hope to grow our solutions into over the next coming months. Protecting sites which have are large asset value with the correct solution was down to our technical & design team. 

Should your companies security lack in innovative strength - Contact the team today. We have many different solutions available & are open to new challenges in designing a bespoke system for your application. 


Metro CCTV secures the only Service Station in Belfast City Center

Metro CCTV - Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This week will finish the installation of CCTV & monitoring systems into Belfast's only city center service  station.

The GO forecourt situated on Great Victoria Street, Belfast is set for opening before the end of the month. The design team has spent several months designing a system which will meet the requirements of this site. The site which is completely unmanned & controlled remotely from a CCTV monitoring station has allowed Metro CCTV to expand our technical capabilities. 

It has been a great journey developing this unique system for GO & we hope to continue our successful relationship on future projects. 

For further information on bespoke designed CCTV systems, please contact our team today. 

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Metro CCTV launch new home CCTV packages

- Monday, December 10, 2012

Recently Metro CCTV has seen a dramatic rise in demand for Home Security products. Due to this we have recently developed and designed a new home CCTV package for your home. The packages are designed to be installed by the home owner. Very simple and easily installed, the systems can be viewed from your iphone, lap-top or computer.

What are your biggest home security risks?

-          Oil Theft?

-          Vandalism?

-          Home break-ins?

-          Increase of general security?

We have the system for you! 

Why not call Metro CCTV today and let us advise you on the products that suit the needs of your security problem.

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Metro CCTV secures factory in Leicester, UK

- Thursday, October 25, 2012

Today marks another step in our expansion within the UK. 

Metro CCTV has been working extremely hard to secure contracts within the UK as part of our growth plan within this market place. We have been selected to carry out a full CCTV installation for a factory North East of Leicester City. We are absolutely delighted to have been chosen from seven competing companies claims Metro CCTV sales manager Peter McElhone. This is just proof how good our systems are compared to the Chinese manufactured goods. Due to this install which now marks our 200th install within England Metro CCTV hopes to employ a fourth service engineer. The details of this position are not clear yet but shall be advertised within local press.

Thanks for reading & one day we hope to be writing about you :-)

Marketing Team @ Metro CCTV

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Home CCTV - Are you at risk ?

- Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Don't make things easy for unwanted visitors!!!

For the first time - Metro CCTV has now developed an affordable "Home CCTV Package"

This is a low cost multi-functional system will allow home users to log in remotely and keep an eye on their property. Further to this the system comes complete with four night-vision cameras which will identify unwanted visitors during the cover of night.

With the increase of oil theft from homes year by year - Don't be seen as an easy target.

Call Metro CCTV today for a free site survey of your property.

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Let 2012 be your most profitable

Metro CCTV - Wednesday, January 04, 2012

2012 Can be your most profitable !!

Read to find out how!

Canceling and preventing till fraud / stock shrinkage from your business will leave your end of year figures more profitable!


Metro CCTV can bring fraud prevention systems into your business for extremely affordable prices.


Please refer to the till fraud page on the web-site for further information.


*** HOME CCTV KITS starting at £999 *** ( This price includes set-up and installation !!!!)

Cookstown Businesses On Thieves Raydar

Metro CCTV - Thursday, November 24, 2011


Metro CCTV - Can help prevent your profits walking out the door.

Cookstown has been the target over the last two weeks for business break-ins. It has been reported in local media, seven businesses within the district has been broken into. Also several cars have been attempted to be broken into and one from what I'm aware of stolen.

This is bad news for Cookstown, but we have to stamp it out before it gets out of hand.

Call Metro CCTV today for a free on site survey. - 028 867 64477

Don't be seen as an open or easy target.


Metro CCTV - Claim overall security industry is on the up !

Metro CCTV - Thursday, November 17, 2011

Over the last 12 months Metro CCTV claims business has been striving for their products!

With the Northern Ireland based company building each security system specific for each client - this allows the company to offer a more tailored product the each customers individual requirements. Generally we feel business owners & retailers especially are now hearing about how our products and reducing crime and fraud within their particular business industries. CCTV installation is no longer installing 10 cameras in a shop and plugging them into a recording device, hoping that when a crime happens it’s recorded.

Metro offer clients weekly service reports, state of the art external remote monitoring access, tailored and fully designed security package. Metro claim where a lot of security companies tend to fail is a incorrectly designed CCTV lay-out. At the time of making the decision that you need CCTV, designing it correctly is the single most important thing to do.

Metro CCTV has a specific design team to ensure that each project is designed correctly and to the client’s budget.


Call Metro CCTV today for more info


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Or by e-mail

CCTV Cloud - Its arrived

Metro CCTV - Friday, November 11, 2011

Its official!


The CCTV Cloud department at Metro CCTV is officially open for business!! Providing state of the art technology to all business industries. is the one stop shop for all your security requirements but with the CCTV CLOUD services, our customer’s security is now secured!! Giving you the ability to store your footage for as long as you need to.

There is no hassle – It’s a simple set up.

Stay tuned or Call today for more info.

Freephone : 0845 450 1314

CCTV Cloud – Securing Your Security !!

Metro CCTV Launch CCTV Cloud

Metro CCTV - Friday, November 04, 2011

11 / 11 / 11

Marks a new milestone for Metro CCTV. The Cookstown based CCTV company is set to launch one of their most technically advanced products. "CCTV Cloud " is set to take the security industry by storm. Allowing customers and clients to keep their CCTV recordings for as long as they need. This product has been directed to night-club owners and businesses with high fraud claim rate.

The system shall sit alongside your current hardware and all you simply do is log-in (just like a social media site) and inform the system of the time and date of the recordings you need & ping.

CCTV Cloud is something which in the past alot of developers had questioned due to the amount of space required. Due to Metro CCTV building their very own data centre, it has allowed this service to be reliable and affordable to our clients.

Call today for more info - -